2-day expedition to Circum Baikal Loop


Distance: 90 km

Period: Mid February – End of March

During this tour you’ll cover more than 90 km along the ice of Baikal, enjoy beautiful winter sceneries and feel yourself a real mush conquering Siberia.

Day 1

  • Arrival to the dog-farm in Listvyanka Village.
  • Meeting with instructors and dogs. Briefing about safety rules and rules of how to behave while riding a sledge.
  • 11:00/11:30 p.m. – Beginning of the sledging tour along the Baikal ice in direction of Circum Baikal Loop.

Baikal Loop is one of oldest and most beautiful parts of the Trans Siberian Railway. It’s righteously regarded “The Golden Buckle of Russian Railway”. At present the Circum Baikal Railway constitutes an integrated historical, architectural and engineering-landscape monument of federal significance. Thanks to brilliant feat of labor and engineering accomplished by the builders, its structures harmoniously fit with Baikal’s harsh and vulnerable landscape.

Baikal ice is absolutely transparent at a small distance from the shore. Even stones and fish can be seen through the ice. . But the further we ride from the shore, the more turbid and thicker the ice is.

  • En route we’ll stop right on the ice of Baikal and arrange a picnic. Snacks and hot Siberian tea will help you to relax and get warm.
  • After lunch we’ll continue our trip and head to Shumikha Settlement.
  • Arrival to the tourist camp in the evening. Accommodation in rooms.
  • Dinner in the tourists camp, where guests will try dishes of traditional Siberian cuisine.
  • Visit to Russian steam Banya.
  • Free time in Shumikha Village. (Here it’s possible to have a walking trip to one of the tunnels of the Circum Baikal Loop or just to relax on the shores of Sacred Baikal… )
  • Overnight in the tourist camp.

Distance covered within the day is 45 km.

Factual distance can be a bit more due to bypassing ice hummocks and cracks in the ice.

Day 2

  • Breakfast in the camp... and a meal for dogs, too! The guests can participate in feeding the dogs.

Afterwards, we pack our bags, gear up the sledge and head back to Listvyanka. 

It’s your second day in the sledge today. And today you’ll feel more confident. It’s easier to keep the balance and it becomes more and more interesting to ride a sledge. You’ll start understanding some of peculiarities of sledge driving, you’ll be able to tell one dog from the other, you’ll find you favorites among them… 

  • Lunch en-route on the ice of Baikal
  • After lunch we head back to the shore of Listvyanka in direction of the Krestovaya River. Along the frozen river-bed we get to the terminal point of our expedition – to the dog-farm in Listvyanka.

Distance covered within the day is 45 km.

Factual distance can be a bit more due to bypassing ice hummocks and cracks in the ice.


In conclusion of the tour participants will get certificate of a Baikal Mush.

Inimitable impressions about this tour will stay with you forever and they are priceless…     








Price (p/p)

785 Euro

755 Euro

720 Euro

687 Euro


Surcharge for an English-speaking guide: 130 Euro for 2 days

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