Southern Triangle with snowmobiles along the ice of Baikal


Period: February – March

Distance: 150 km



Listvyanka →
Tunnels of the Old Baikal Railway →
Sneznaya (Snowy) River (Warm lakes) →
Kadilnyi Cape →


Day 1

  • Arrival in Listvyanka. Briefing about safety rules, discussion of the program
  • Beginning of the tour. The route runs along the ice from Listvyanka to the opposite shore of Baikal, where one can see ancient tunnels and bridges of the Old Baikal Railway. Stops en route at the most scenic sections of the Old Baikal Railroad. 

Circum Baikal Loop is a real masterpiece of engineering art! Within 85 km of the road there are 39 tunnels, 16 free-standing galleries, 470 pipes, bridges, viaducts and 14 km of supporting walls! Old Baikal Railway is righteously called “Golden Buckle of the Trans-Siberian Railroad” as the work, which had to be done, and difficulties, which engineers had to overcome during the Road’s construction, make it the most expensive railway-system in the world!

  • Lunch en route (snack and hot tea with sweets) is arranged right on the ice of Baikal
  • Trip to the eastern shore of Baikal to the area of Warm Lake and of the Sneznaya River.

The area of warm lakes is famous for its relict black poplar trees, which measure up to several meters around.

Severe beauty of frozen Baikal and Siberian nature in almost untouched primordial conditions will never fail to charm you!  Here it seems that the time slows down and all the hustle and bustle of everyday life steps back.

  • Accommodation in the guest house.

After some rest in the guest house, guest can walk in the surroundings and see the Sneznaya River, Цarm lakes and other local attractions. 

  • Night in the guest house

Day 2

  • Breakfast in the guest house
  • Beginning of the snowmobile trip eastwards along the ice of Baikal. En route to Listvyanka Settlement we’ll pass by Kadilnyi Cape, Sennaya (Hay Medow) Valley and Cliff Skriper.

Kadilny Cape area belongs the territory of Baikal National Park and is considered to be the area of outstanding natural beauty. Not far from the Cape there are Pre-Cambrian calcareous rocks, which still hold remnants of ancient body fossils.

Sennaya Valley is famous for its gold-mines of the XIXth century and rich hay meadows.

In the nearest proximity to Sennaya Valley there’s a Cliff called Skriper. At the height of 200m there’s a cave in the rock. Entrance to the cave is well seen from the shore. Archeologists found in this cave numerous hunting weapons and some tools made of stone and metal, which date back to the Iron Age.   

  • Lunch en route (snack and hot tea with sweets) is arranged right on the ice of Baikal
  • Arrival in Listvyanka in the second half of the day. End of the tour.

Important to know:

- Snowmobile trips are highly intensive. It’s necessary to keep in mind that driving along the ice involves some certain risks. Clients should always follow instructors’ advice and drive only along the recommended route.  

- Long stay in the cold can be convenient only in case of proper outfit. We provide warm trousers and a coat. Clients should have their own basic clothes: thermo-underwear, warm coat, socks, warm hat under the helmet, mittens and shoes, which do not skid

- Clients should be psychologically-ready to stay in the cold for 6-7 hours


Snowmobile Arctic Cat Bearcat 750 – a snowmobile of enhanced off-road passing ability, which is well-suitable for long-distance trips.


455 Euro per person (if there are 2 passengers on the snowmobile)

825 Euro per person (if there is 1 passenger on the snowmobile)

Price includes:

  • rent of a snowmobile
  • services of instructor, who follows the clients on the 2nd snowmobile
  • rent of equipment
  • admission to the Territory of the National Park of Baikal
  • night in the guest house
  • meals indicated in the program
  • rent of warm clothes 

Price does not include:

transfer to/from Listvyanka; services of the interpreter


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Please, note that we can modify and adjust any program in accordance with your request. For more information about the itinerary and the rates, please, feel free to contact us at any time: