Dog sled tour to Circum Baikal Loop


During this tour we'll travel along the ice!

Baikal ice is a special phenomenon – it's very thick up to 1.5 meters and absolutely transparent.

Crystal clear ice under your feet, shimmer of snowy-peaked Sayan mountains and frosty almost tangible winter air will surround you. Only the rhythmic patter of paws packing snow and your breathing break the silence in this winter tale. Such a once-in-a-life experience will always stay in your memory!

Distance covered over the ice of Baikal: 20 km

Period: February – March

Maximum number of guests: 4

Safety: accompaniment of an experienced mush on a snowmobile, satellite mobile connection

Day 1

  • Arrival to the dog-farm in Listvyanka Village.
  • Meeting with instructors and dogs. Briefing about safety rules and rules of how to behave while riding a sledge.
  • 15:00/16:00 p.m. – Beginning of the sledging tour along the Baikal ice in direction of Circum Baikal Loop.

Baikal Loop is one of oldest and most beautiful parts of the Trans Siberian Railway. It's righteously regarded "The Golden Buckle of Russian Railway"

At present the Circum Baikal Railway constitutes an integrated historical, architectural and engineering-landscape monument of federal significance.

Thanks to brilliant feat of labor and engineering accomplished by the builders, its structures harmoniously fit with Baikal's harsh and vulnerable landscape.

Baikal in winter seems to be huge and invincible. It's enchanting its guests with its might. Winds blow over Baikal sweeping the snow out of it. And transparent ice seems to be crinkling…

  • Arrival in the tourist camp, which borders on Baikal, from one side, and with the Circum Railway, on the other. Accommodation in warm and cozy wooden huts.
  • Dinner in the camp.
  • Russian steam Banya will help the guests to get warm after their long trip and relax in the coziness of the camp.
  • Overnight in the camp.

Distance covered within the day is 10 km.

Day 2

  • Breakfast in the camp... and a meal for dogs, too! The guests can participate in feeding the dogs.
  • Afterwards, we pack our bags, gear up the sledge and head back to Listvyanka. 
  • The way back home is always faster and easier.. even the dogs seem to pull faster as if anticipation return back to home.  


Distance covered within the day is 10 km.


1. all the distances indicated in the program are approximate. Matter-of-fact distance can be up to 15-20% more due to the fact that during the way we should overtake ice hummocks and bypass cracks in the ice.

2. Guests are actively involved in the tour: help cooking, set a dog camp for overnight and get the dogs "properly dressed " (breastbands, felt slippers for dogs, harnesses, etc )







Price (p/p)

403 Euro

388 Euro

372 Euro

354 Euro

Price includes:

  • rent of a dog-sledge and equipment (warm coat and trousers)
  • services of a musher on a snowmobile
  • meals in accordance with the program (D1 – dinner, D2 – breakfast)
  • accommodation in the tourist camp
  • Russian banya

Price does not include: services of the English-speaking mush – 65 Euro per day

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